NRCC Brief Introduction
The National Registration Center for Chemicals of the State Administration of Work Safety was established in 1997 and located in the scenic coastal city C Qingdao. As a public institution directly affiliated to the State Administration of Work Safety, it is a comprehensive technical support agency in safety administration of dangerous chemicals in China. 
The Chemical Registration Center mainly performs a wide range of tasks, such as hazardous chemical registration, hazard identification and classification of chemical, emergency rescue of chemical accidents, safety standardization for enterprises engaged in hazardous chemicals, draft and revision of regulations and standards on safety management of chemicals, and subject researches on chemical safety management, monitoring of the major sources of danger, emergency rescue, prevention and control of occupational hazards, as well as relevant assessment, technical development, training and consulting services. The Chemical Registration Center has built up a chemical hazard identification lab, which is equipped with advanced instruments and devices. Furthermore, the Center has Class I certification for offering work safety training and has set up, managed and maintained the national chemical emergency response hotline (0532-83889090). The Center has also a team of high-quality professionals.